What we grow

Though we grow a lot of things, our main product for selling to others at the moment is our heirloom Jimmy Red cornmeal and grits. We use no pesticides or herbicides in the production of this corn and when we mill it, it’s done by a local independent miller who also lives in Giles County, Hickman Farms Millhouse.

Cobs of Second Intention Farm's heirloom Jimmy Red corn
Second Intention Farm’s Jimmy Red corn

The seeds we use to grow our corn are also our own, because Jimmy Red is an open-pollinated, non-GMO variety. Each year we personally select the best ears and shell them by hand to ensure the seed is in perfect health. You will definitely be able to taste the difference between this cornmeal and what you buy at a regular grocery store!

If you’d like to try these products for yourself, you can currently purchase them at the following farm stores and markets.

The Local Farmer, Pulaski, TN

The Local Farmer in Pulaski, TN
The Local Farmer, located in Pulaski, TN

Hidden Gems Farmers Market, Spring Hill, Tennessee

Market Calendar: 

For other purchase inquiries, please send us an email and we’ll be happy to discuss pricing or placement on your local farm store’s shelves.