Welcome to Second Intention Farm

Second Intention Farm is a family-owned and operated greenbelt farm with over 100 acres of picturesque pastures, fields and hardwood forests. Located near the junction of US Highways 64 and 31, we are the future home of the Engineered Spirits Distillery. That is what we are. But we aim to be much more than that.

Welcome to our dream-in-progress.

Our farm is a working farm, but it’s only been in the last two years we’ve begun growing Jimmy Red here, a beautiful heirloom dent corn particularly suited for distillation. The fields and pastures where our family used to graze cattle are slowly being converted back to growing crops.  That has taken time and a lot of hard work; the learning curve has been steep. Luckily, our family has a wealth of knowledge and farming equipment, often the very tools our Papa used when he bought this place.

That’s what we are now. But our dream is to be a working, organic farm, specializing in producing heirloom grains, vegetables and fruits, as well as less well- known native nuts, fruits and flowers. We’ll supply the distillery with its springwater, drawn from the farm’s original water source, as well as botanical ingredients for the signature artisanal spirits they plan to produce.  Engineered Spirits will release these unique craft spirits in very small batches because that is the amount of botanical ingredients our farm and nearby local farms can sustainably supply. In exchange, we hope the distillery will give us the opportunity to share this beautiful place with visitors and teach them about the wonderful natural treasures that surround us here in Tennessee.

We hope you’ll come to visit our unique distillery when it’s finished. But we think you’re going to discover that there is so much more here for you and your family to learn, experience and enjoy. We’re currently working hard to renovate the buildings and prepare the farm to welcome you, and as soon as that work is done, we’ll definitely be letting you all know here. And we hope you’ll come visit us then to see it.

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